Joe Caruso


Joe Caruso is a former CIO with over 25 years’ experience as a practitioner in information technology outsourcing, contract management, and service delivery. Joe has served more than 24 major organizations and government agencies in the Asia Pacific region with 84 outsourcing-related projects. He has also led numerous training programs for Monash University, Brightstar New Zealand, Informa, Kexxel Group (Asia and Middle East), and for various corporate and government organizations across Asia Pacific regions, in the subject areas of contract management, SLAs, specification writing and KPIs, tendering, and negotiation.

Mr. Caruso has developed a suite of best practice outsourcing and contracting methodologies, frameworks, and productivity tools for the procurement market.He has developed, facilitated, reviewed and provided guidance to clients and their outsourcing projectsm and he has provided capability development services. In addtion, Joe delivers education in the disciplines of the outsourcing lifecycle, contract management, governance, negotiation, specification writing, tendering and suppler evaluation.

Mr. Caruso has a Master of Business (e-Business & Communications) from Swinburne University of Technology, as well as a Network Engineer Certification. He can be reached at