JooSeuk Maing

Joo-Seuk Maing is CEO of Prettl SWH (soon to be renamed FIT Voltaira) in Korea and Vietnam, where he is responsible for overall operations in that location. His focus is on organizational development with a regional setup, modern leadership principles, and working in a complex matrix organization among various stakeholders. Mr. Maing has almost 20 years’ experience in the automotive supplier industry, with specialization in the aftermarket. He also continually learns about new workplace methodologies. Mr. Maing has extensive experience in Asia, with stations in India, Singapore, and Japan and is passionate about Asia-Pacific’s (APAC’s) role in the 21st century. He was selected to join the inaugural NetKAL Korea Class with leadership seminars, community work, and project assignments. He has also participated in the Leadership Reset of GIFT (Global Institute for Tomorrow), where he engaged in discussions with like-minded future APAC leaders on a different approach to capitalism. He can be reached at