Larissa Moss

Larissa T. Moss is a Senior Consultant Emeritus with Cutter’s Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practice. She is also founder and president of Method Focus Inc., a company specializing in enterprise data warehousing (EDW) and business intelligence (BI). She has over 30 years of IT experience, and for over 20 years, her focus has been on data management, project and program management, and methodologies. She speaks regularly at conferences in the US and Europe on the topics of data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, agile EDW project management, EDW/BI methodologies, enterprise information architecture, data governance, and data quality.

Ms. Moss is widely published. In 1991, she self-published her first methodology RSDM 2000, Relational System Development Methodology, Volumes I & II. Since then, she coauthored the books Data Warehouse Project Management, Impossible Data Warehouse Situations, Business Intelligence Roadmap, and Data Strategy. Her latest book is titled Extreme Scoping: An Agile Approach to EDW/BI. She has published dozens of articles in Cutter IT Journal, DM Review, Teradata Magazine, TDWI Journal of Data Warehousing, TDWI Flash Point, and EIMI Magazine. Her white papers include "Organizational and Cultural Barriers to Business Intelligence," "Developing BI Decision-Support Applications: Not Business As Usual," and "The Role of A Chief Data Officer in the 21st Century."

Her present and past associations include Teradata 3rd Party Influencers, the IBM Gold Group, The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), Data Management Association (DAMA) Los Angeles Chapter, the Relational Institute, and Codd & Date Consulting Group. She was a part-time faculty member at the Extended University of California Polytechnic University Pomona and has been lecturing for the Cutter Consortium, TDWI, MIS Training Institute, Professional Education Strategies Group, Inc. (PESG), IRM UK, and Technology Transfer Italy. She can be reached at