Marco Schletz

Marco Schletz is a Post-Doctoral Associate at Data-Driven EnviroLab and an Innovation Fellow at the OpenEarth Foundation, actively working on improving climate data infrastructure and governance. Specializing in innovation and environmental studies, his research is uniquely positioned at the nexus of technology and climate data, aimed at propelling sustainable development agendas. Dr. Schletz's interdisciplinary research involves using blockchain, satellite, sensor-based data collection, and machine learning to enhance standardization, interoperability, and transparency of climate-related data flows. Through the integration of disparate data sources, he aspires to alleviate the analytical complexities and augment the efficacy of inventory management via open, decentralized data governance frameworks. Dr. Schletz's prior experience encompasses collaborative work with global organizations, such as the World Bank Climate Warehouse and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), focusing on climate transparency, finance, and carbon market mechanisms. He earned a bachelor of science degree in environmental sciences from Bielefeld University, Germany; a master of science degree from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark; and a PhD in innovation and environmental studies from the Technical University of Denmark. He can be reached at