Matthew Simons

Matthew Simons is a project manager and distributed agile development advocate for ThoughtWorks. For most of the past 10 years, he has managed large teams that are using advanced technologies to deliver strategic enterprise systems. He has particular expertise in adapting agile development approaches to large and/or distributed projects. Mr. Simons has been involved with ThoughtWorks's distributed agile development teams from the earliest days. For the first year of operations of TW-India, he was based out of Bangalore and was primarily focused on how to extend the ThoughtWorks agile development approach to support offshore development. Mr. Simons is currently based in London, where he continues to help extend and proliferate ThoughtWorks' distributed agile development model. His most recent project used a 150-person development team distributed among London, Bangalore, Chicago, San Francisco, and Calgary to build a point-of-sale system for a major UK retailer. He can be reached at mtsimons at