Michal Zigelman

Michal Zigelman is founder and CEO of Duality, an Israeli strategic consulting company dedicated to helping organizations grow and prosper in disruptive markets. Certified by Harvard Business School in Clayton Christensen’s Disruptive Strategy method, Ms. Zigelman advises several of Israel’s top business, government, and national security organizations in redefining organizational strategy, accelerating innovative change, and delivering high operational results in volatile markets. She is a senior lecturer in the fields of innovation, business strategy, decision making, risk management, and communications under complexity and uncertainty. Ms. Zigelman serves as a mentor in the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Reichman University, Israel; is a senior lecturer in the Israeli Directors Union (IDU); and is a member of the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology (ICIT). She is also the developer of the Bimodal Management™ model, a pioneering strategic methodology to foster agility and innovation in the digital age. She holds a master of science degree in physics from Tel Aviv University, Israel. She can be reached at michal@duality.co.il.