Mitchell Ummel

Mitchell Ummel was Director of Cutter's Government & Public Sector practice and a Senior Consultant with the Business & Enterprise Architecture practice. He was President of UmmelGroup International, Inc., a US-based business and technology management consulting firm. Mr. Ummel was a visionary who was most well known for championing practical application of innovative but lightweight IT process improvement methodologies into today's culture within large organizations. In recent years, he enjoyed advising state governments and private-sector enterprises in their planning and architecture for large, multimillion-dollar business and technology transformations.

Mr. Ummel's IT experience spanned 25 years and included service in a variety of CIO, executive management, training, coaching, mentoring, and consulting roles for government, telecommunications, electric/gas utilities, monitored home security, health insurance, regulatory/licensure, law enforcement, justice, and a variety of Internet-based product or services companies. Earlier in his career, he served as a state of Kansas agency CIO, where he contributed to the inception of the Kansas statewide technical architecture, helped define next-generation project and portfolio governance processes, and led technology initiatives enabling electronic health surveillance records management, vital records security/privacy, national bioterrorism response, GIS integration, and public health and environmental informatics among local, state, and federal stakeholders.

Mr. Ummel held advanced degrees in mathematics and computer science from Fort Hays State University. He was a graduate of, and contributor to, Kauffman Foundation's Entrepreneurial Leadership and New Tech Venture Development Programs, was a frequent speaker at national business and technology conferences, and was a member of the Project Management Institute. Mr Ummel passed away in April 2013 after a battle with cancer.