Paul Harmon

Paul Harmon is an internationally known business consultant and technology analyst. Mr. Harmon began his career in AI with the publication of his popular book, Expert Systems: AI for Business (co-authored with David King in 1983). For the next decade and a half, Mr. Harmon authored Cutter’s journal, Expert Systems Strategies, and then Cutter’s Intelligent Software Strategies. In 1993 Paul Harmon and Cutter Senior Consultant Curt Hall published Intelligent Software Systems Development, a book that predicted many of the developments of the upcoming decade. In addition, at various times, Mr. Harmon also authored Cutter journals such as CASE Strategies, Object-Oriented Strategies, Application Development Strategies, and Business Process Strategies. He also served as director of Cutter's Distributed Computing Architecture practice, the predecessor to the Technology practice.

In 2003, Mr. Harmon published Business Process Change, a book that became the most popular book among those interested in Business Process Management development in that decade. At the same time he became the executive editor of the Business Process Trends website, a website that provided information for those interested in learning about all aspects of BPM technologies and business process improvement. Business Process Change is now in its third edition.

Combining his interest in intelligent software technologies and in how businesses organize their processes to maximize their success, Mr. Harmon is currently researching and writing about how organizations are using the latest cognitive techniques to maximize the efficiency of their business activities. 

Paul Harmon is an acknowledged thought leader who is concerned with applying new technologies and methodologies to real-world business problems. Mr. Harmon has consulted with companies like Apple, Bank of America, Citibank, IBM, Prudential, Security Pacific, Unisys, and Wells Fargo. He is a popular speaker and has developed and delivered executive seminars, workshops, briefings and keynote addresses on all aspects of AI, Expert Systems, BPM and Cognitive Systems to conferences and at major organizations throughout the world. He can be reached at