Ravi Vatrapu

Ravi Vatrapu is a professor of human computer interaction in the Department of IT Management at Copenhagen Business School, Director of Copenhagen's Computational Social Science Laboratory, and an adjunct professor of applied computing at Norwegian School of Information Technology.

Mr. Vatrapu’s basic research program is in conducting theory-based empirical studies of sociotechnical affordances and developing an empirically informed theory of technological intersubjectivity. His applied research areas are social media management and technology-enhanced learning. Mr. Vatrapu’s current research projects are in social business, teaching analytics, and comparative informatics. He holds a PhD in communication and information sciences from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a master of science degree in computer science and applications from Virginia Tech, and a bachelor's of technology degree in computer science and systems engineering from Andhra University (India). He can be reached at experts@cutter.com