Robert McCormick

Robert McCormick is a Senior Research Fellow and Platform Leader for National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) fuels and combustion research. Dr. McCormick’s work focuses on end-use issues and fuel-engine interactions with alternative fuels, primarily biofuels. End-use issues include supplying technical data to support the setting of fuel-quality specifications, working with engine OEMs to understand fuel-engine compatibility and durability issues, field performance issues such as storage stability and cold-weather performance, ignition and combustion kinetics, fuel effects on engine efficiency, and the impact of new fuels on emissions and the performance of emission-control systems. His recent research has focused on the properties and combustion of current and emerging sustainable aviation fuels, including property measurements over a wide temperature and pressure range and large-scale simulations to reveal property effects on aviation turbine performance. Dr. McCormick earned a PhD from the University of Wyoming. He can be reached at