Robert Pillar

Robert Pillar is a process evangelist, mentor, educator, entrepreneur, and senior consultant. He is actively involved in strategic direction formulation, process development adaptation, and deployment management. While specializing in process integration and software engineering capability at Rational Software Corporation, he worked with numerous organizations in both a technical and business-centric capacity to align strategic business and technical IT agendas. Mr. Pillar specialized in process implementation and corporate improvement as an IT consultant for Rational Software. He has managed numerous PMOs and advised on the implementation of many others. At Andersen Consulting, he worked with several large engagements, managing the PMOs and ensuring project alignment with corporate agendas as well as delivery success. Mr. Pillar was a senior consultant in KPMG's National Solutions and Methods Center, where he supported the development and international implementation of its enterprise methodology. He resides in the Dallas, Texas, area and can be reached at big5rup at