Stefania Pizzirani

Stefania Pizzirani is Assistant Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), Canada, and Chair of UFV’s Environmental Studies program. She is a multidisciplinary researcher in sustainable land management and stewardship with a passion for working toward social and Indigenous justice. Dr. Pizzirani has more than 16 years’ experience in environmental management with a focus on resilient food systems and innovations. She has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including Sustainability, Society and Natural Resources, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Ecological Modelling, Regional Environmental Change, Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, and Ecological Indicators, and has worked with the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment method within culturally inclusive adaptive land use governance projects. Dr. Pizzirani earned a master of science degree in environmental conservation management from the University of South Wales, Australia, and a PhD in lifecycle management from Massey University, New Zealand. She can be reached at