Steve Chambers is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium. He is steeped in technical expertise in the cloud, particularly for commercial deployments, and a continuous student of the Theory of Constraints and applying DevOps in the real world. Mr. Chambers has extensive knowledge of AWS and how it integrates with the people and process of organizations. Currently, he is COO at Cloudsoft, a cloud service broker. Prior to Cloudsoft, Mr. Chambers was a Partner Solutions Architect with Cutter’s collaborative partner, Strategic Blue, where he advised clients on cloud architecture and practice to achieve successful financial outcomes. He has also served as Cloud Business Lead with Microsoft UK, CTO at Canopy Cloud, and EMEA Chief Technologist at VCE. Mr. Chamber holds a BSc in computer science from Hull University. He can be reached at

The security in public cloud is way better than private cloud tech and private/on-premises in the main. The reason security seems to crop up as a problem is due to lack of education about the range of encryption, IAM, MFA and other security features available. Where they used to be the province of only big companies with big budgets, public cloud democratizes these advanced security features so that everyone can use them. Saying public cloud has security problems is not a valid observation of public cloud.

Steve Chambers
Senior Consultant