Tima Bansal

Sustainability, Leadership

Pratima (Tima) Bansal is Professor of Strategy and Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability at Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada, and a member of Arthur D. Little’s AMP open consulting network. She has been researching the intersection of sustainability and strategy for almost three decades, especially through the dimensions of time, space, and scale. Dr. Bansal has published her research in more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and in two books. She has also helped to foster research, through her role as Deputy Editor and Associate Editor of Academy of Management Journal. Dr. Bansal’s research has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, The National Post, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corpor­ation), The Globe and Mail, and The Independent. She gave a TEDx talk in 2013 and writes a blog for the Network for Business Sustainability and a column for Forbes. She can be reached at tbansal@ivey.ca.