Tom Masino


Dr. Tom Masino is a Cutter Expert and an expert in data engineering, analytics, and machine learning (ML).

Most recently, Dr. Masino helped Akuna Capital revamp its data infrastructure stack to provide firm-wide simple access to clean data. He transitioned this options market-making firm from a siloed data infrastructure to a centralized platform that includes seamless access to streaming (Kafka), HA operational data store (Scylla), and historical repository (DeltaLake). He provided access to all data – cloud and on-premise – via a single, top-level API to all streams and stores, prescribing and implementing data governance processes and procedures. This also involved unifying, simplifying, and making transparent a Domain Data Objects modeling approach to all messages and schemas.

Prior to the work at Akuna, Dr. Masino served as Director of Technology at TradeWeb LLC, reporting to the CTO and managing a team of 6-10 engineers. Projects included architecting a new, end-to-end data pipeline and storage system in an effort to migrate from a two-tiered system architecture (application on SQLServer) to a componentized, three-tier (application, data model, big data store) to support scalability, flexibility, and future advanced analytics and ML efforts. Dr. Masino introduced new concepts, including AirFlow-managed, data-driven ETL pipelines; denormalized data representations; distributed computing; real-time streaming analytics; shared, fast-access storage, using MemSQL and declaration-based transformations of data models.

Dr. Masino served as a Principal at Applied Deep Learning where he led data engineering and data science projects for clients that included Danske Bank (designed and built a “know your customer” application using Hadoop, scikit-learn, PySpark, and Spark MLLib stack); a NY-based Hedge Fun;, Lutron Electronics (guided the design of the IoT strategy); GTS/Strike Technologies; and Aviso.

Previous positions included Director of Optimization at Groupon; Chief Data Scientist, Analytics Group Lead at Integral Development Corp; Senior Quantitative Strategist at Infinium Securities LLC; and CTO and Founder at Intravention, Inc.

Dr. Masino has a BA in Biological Sciences from the University of Delaware, a PhD in Neurobiology from the University of Chicago, and a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Neurology from Stanford University School of Medicine. He can be reached at