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Recent Issues

Cutter Edge: Looming Threats in Cloud Computing

Cutter Consortium

In this issue of The Cutter Edge: Looming Threats in Cloud Computing, Does the Business See IT as Delivering Value?, Mobile Security in the IoT, IT Budgeting 2015: Folks, It's Time to Remodel, more.

Cutter Edge: Architecture's Messiness Begs for Quarkitecture

Cutter Consortium

In this issue: Quarkitecture -- a cure for architecture's messiness; the data integration analyst's pain point; CFP -- what is the emerging role of enterprise architecture and the enterprise architect?; save on Summit 2016 registration, How Mobile, Cloud and Big Data are Transforming Healthcare and more.

Cutter Edge: Disappearing Acts: Five Enablers of Web Ubiquity

Cutter Consortium

In this issue of The Cutter Edge: Disappearing Acts: Five Enablers of Web Ubiquity, Composite Analytic API Applications, preview Iaas: Ready for Takeoff?, more...

Cutter Edge: Considering Group Dynamics in Agile Adoption

Cutter Consortium

In this issue: group dynamics in agile adoption, barriers to connectect IoT apps and services, legal implications of the psychological contract in outsourcing, and more.

Cutter Edge: The Gamification of Ordinary Life

Cutter Consortium

In this issue: The Gamification of Ordinary Life, The Four Steps of the Improvement Kata, The Corporate Impact of Wearable Devices, and more.

Cutter Edge: Same Tune, Different Lyrics

Cutter Consortium

In this issue: Same Tune, Different Lyrics; Enterprise Support for Wearable Devices; What's Over the Technology Horizon?; and more.