innovex benchmarking

To enable breakthrough innovation you first need to understand your innovation performance.

Bringing innovative solutions to market is a key differentiator — even more relevant these days. But companies innovate in different ways. The way you innovate has a profound impact on your organization, from new ways of working to digital tools, ecosystems of business partners, and the bottom line. So how will you anticipate trends and prepare for the future? How do you make sure that your innovation system remains competitive? The first step is knowing where you stand.

When you participate in Innovex, you’ll get an assessment of your organization’s innovation performance of your organization, benchmarked against a set of detailed metrics against your peers or across business units. The Innovex Benchmark Assessment is based on a robust dataset compiled over 10 years by Cutter Consortium parent company, Arthur D. Little. That history ensures the benchmark report you get contains relevant insight.

When you’ve benchmarked your ability to innovate, you’ll be not only be able to identify areas for improvements, but you’ll also be positioned to develop better ecosystem capabilities, stronger core innovation processes, and develop breakthrough approaches.

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