April 2001 Cutter IT Journal -- Multicultural and International Project Management

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April 2001
In This Issue:

Alexandre Rodrigues, Guest Editor

Managing Multicultural Projects with Complementary Practices
Johanna Rothman

Space, Man
Kent Beck

Rising to the Challenge of Multicultural Projects
Eduardo Casais

Taking Your Show on the Road
Pedro Chagas, Carlos Parreira, and Tito Camacho

Managing Offshore Projects
K.R. Kashyap

Corporate Management of IT Projects in Russia
Vladimir Liberzon and Alexey Bazhenov

Next Issue

Deploying and Implementing an E-Business Strategy
E-business has changed the relationship between IT and the business, creating the need for new strategies and causing the transfer of billions of dollars in market and venture capital. But implementing an e-business strategy involves more than just setting up a Web site. It requires integrating systems, processes, and operations from front to back. What are the best practices for deploying an e-business strategy? How do you know when you have a winner? We'll discuss these questions and more in next month's issue of the Cutter IT Journal.

In the February issue of the Cutter IT Journal, the forthcoming Annals of Software Engineering article entitled "Managing Software Development for Survivable Systems" was misattributed. Dr. Nancy Mead wishes to acknowledge her coauthors, Rick Linger, John McHugh, and Howard Lipson.

Delivering a project on time and on budget is difficult enough when team members share a common language, culture, and time zone. What special challenges do we face when they don't? From outsource to open source, IT projects are increasingly becoming international, multicultural affairs. In the April 2001 issue of the Cutter IT Journal, we discuss project management from an international perspective and discover what really is different about multicultural projects.