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Are Americans Nowadays More Willing to Use Bitcoin-Like Cryptocurrencies?

by Manjul Gupta, Carlos Parra, Eduardo Salcedo

In this article, Manjul Gupta, Carlos Parra, and Eduardo Salcedo focus on the potential of cryptocurrencies by asking, “Are Americans nowadays more willing to use Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies?” To answer the question, they surveyed 195 US participants about their willingness to use a hypothetical cryptocurrency called “DIGIcoin,” to pay for 11 different products and services. Specifically, they want to know whether Americans would be more willing to use cryptocurrencies over credit cards to complete different e-commerce trans­actions.

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"Are Americans Nowadays More Willing to Use Bitcoin-Like Cryptocurrencies?" appears in the Cutter Business Technology Journal issue Fintech: COVID-19 Impact & Opportunities for Economic Growth available in the Cutter Bookstore.

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