Cultivating Leadership Throughout the IT Organization

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Cultivating Leadership Throughout the IT Organization

with Guest Editor Bob Furniss

This Cutter IT Journal issue addresses the key elements of business technology leadership success. The authors present differing views about what makes a good leader, but agree on one common thread: The success of an IT organization is directly affected by the kind of leadership it has — and the kind of leaders it develops.

This issue includes these articles:

  • Opening Statement by Bob Furniss
  • If It Weren't for People, Being a Leader Would Be Great! A Three-Part Process to Help IT Managers Connect by Pam Hager
  • How Culture Affects Leadership by Martin Bauer
  • How to Cultivate Leadership in Yourself and Others by Martha J. Lindeman
  • Agile Managers: The Essence of Leadership by Johanna Rothman
  • In Search of Complexity: Why Self-Organization Requires Leadership and Governance by Jurgen Appelo
  • IT Project Leadership: Feeling Your Way by Mark Woodman and Jason Bates

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