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Data Hacking: No Day at the Breach

with Ken Orr

This Cutter IT Journal issue presents the viewpoints of five serious thinkers on some of the most troubling security issues involving perhaps today's most troubling business/technology area. Solutions frequently begin with understanding the underlying problems, which then leads to future technology and management directions.

Table of Contents:

  • Data Hacking: No Day at the Breach: Opening Statement by Ken Orr
  • Leading in the Time of Data Breaches by Rick Brenner
  • Crafting a Secure and Effective BYOD Policy by Anjali Kaushik
  • The Insider Track on Cyber Security by Chris Kauffman
  • The Data Shell Game: The Best Way to Protect Corporate and Institutional Data in the Cloud by David C. Wyld
  • An Architecture Approach to Corporate Information Security by Fred Donovan

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