Does Agile = Better DW/BI?

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Does Agile = Better DW/BI?

Lynn Winterboer

Lynn Winterboer
Guest Editor

This Cutter IT Journal issue provides practical advice on how an Agile approach allows DW/BI teams to deliver value more quickly to their organizations. It also provides guidance on the possible challenges and risks faced by DW/BI teams working in an Agile framework and specific practices that can ensure a DW/BI team's Agile transformation goes smoothly.

Table of Contents:

  • Opening Statement by Lynn Winterboer
  • Scaling Agile Data Warehousing by Em Campbell-Pretty
  • Disciplined Agile Strategies for DW/BI by Scott W. Ambler
  • Extreme Scoping: A Data-Agile Method for Enterprise-Class Data Integration Projects by Larissa T. Moss
  • Serious Games Give New Moves to Agile BI Teams by Tom Grant
  • Value-Driven Data Warehousing: Applying Agile Strategies to Increase Information Quality and Use by Jan-Paul Fillié and Werner de Jong
  • Practical Techniques for Successful Agile Software Development in DW/BI Environments by Girish Khanzode

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