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Technical Debt

with Guest Editor Israel Gat

This Cutter IT Journal issue provides a framework and tools for understanding, controlling, and communicating the costs and consequences of technical debt in your projects. Benefit from these hands-on articles:

  • Technical Debt -- A New Paradigm for Software Development by Israel Gat
  • Modernizing the DeLorean System: Comparing Results of a Technical Debt Reduction Project by John Heintz
  • The Economics of Technical Debt by Stephen Chin, Erik Huddleston, Walter Bodwell, and Israel Gat
  • Technical Debt: Challenging the Metaphor by David Rooney
  • Manage Project Portfolios More Effectively by Including Software Debt in the Decision Process by Brent Barton and Chris Sterling
  • The Risks of Acceptance Test Debt by Ken Pugh
  • Transformation Patterns for Curing the Human Causes of Technical Debt by Jonathon Michael Golden
  • Infrastructure Debt: Revisiting the Foundation by Andrew Clay Shafer

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