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Expert guidance in business technology strategy, leadership, and implementation in response to digitally-driven disruption of traditional business models. From emerging new operating models to strategies that put data at the heart of your business; overcoming cultural hurdles to what makes a digital leader; achieving enterprise agility to creating a culture that supports continuous experimentation — you’ll be on the cutting edge of the factors that are critical to successful digital transformation.

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Sridhar Deenadayalan offers a playbook in the form of five keys to a successful technology project. The strength of this article lies in its two-step approach to failure management. Problems are identified, then followed by specific actions, or “keys to success,” to address them.
Anjali Kaushik attempts to unfold the mystery of failed technology projects, with her examination dropping into the trenches. Her analysis is anything but conventional. She begins by looking at the necessity and meaning of process redesign. Kaushik’s advice to match technology projects to complementary assets and capabilities is especially helpful.

Mitigating the risks of developing and deploying SaaS carries with it similar challenges to on-premises implementations. In this Advisor, we highlight six lessons learned.

Replicating best practice across business units is fundamental to improving innovation performance, but research shows that it happens far less than expected. Learn why this happens — and how businesses can overcome the challenge.
This Executive Update first reviews cloud basics then looks at lessons learned from past on-premises development and deployment applications and how these apply to SaaS. It then examines some additional challenges SaaS brings to organizations, including the underlying reasons why SaaS projects can fail.
AI can help students receive personalized lessons, pro­vide educators with deep insights into students’ learning styles, revolutionize skills improvement for professionals, and lower the cost of education. This Advisor lays out the key benefits AI-based education offers over traditional instruction modes.
Citizen development promises to improve enterprise productivity and accelerate value delivery, enabling organizations to achieve outcomes more quickly. This Advisor presents seven key recommendations for organizations undergoing or planning to pursue a digital transformation and adopt a citizen development (CD) initiative.
More than a decade ago, Cutter Consortium introduced the concept of green IT in an Executive Report and outlined IT’s role in creating a sustainable environment. The topic has become all the more important and relevant today. In this Report, we provide an updated, holistic view of greening IT and how we can — and should — embrace IT to address the environmental challenges we face.