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Alexandre Rodrigues

AGI and the Ethical Challenges Ahead for 2018

by Alexandre Rodrigues

As a follow-up to his article from last year’s trends issue, Cutter Senior Consultant Alexandre Rodrigues expands on his commentary surrounding AGI — artificial general intelligence. AGI capabilities continue to play an influential role in the business arena but as Rodrigues points out, there are two issues that companies need to firmly address: (1) setting realistic expectations for the technology and (2) various ethical challenges (with a need for more legislation and regulation).

Paul Clermont

Public Policy Coming in from the Sidelines?

by Paul Clermont

Cutter Senior Consultant Paul Clermont updates some predictions he made over the past couple years while adding four more, replete with their implications on our workforce and society. According to Clermont, “While 2018 may or may not be a watershed year for some specific technology or other … the more interesting action will come from the public policy and perception arenas and in the evolution of business models.”

Crowdfunding vs. ICO

ICOs: Crowdfunding’s Friend or Foe?

by Sean Nevin, by Rob Gleasure

The authors discuss the rise in popularity of a new form of crowdfunding — initial coin offerings (ICOs). They believe the hype surrounding ICOs will continue through 2018 but will level off when crowdfunding platforms and traditional funding players become involved. Ultimately, as the authors suggest, legislative change like that imposed on traditional crowdfunding will need to be extended to cover the ICO market.


Cryptocurrency Adoption in 2018

by Kevin OLeary

The author has more faith in Ethereum’s potential than Bitcoin in 2018. He details some interesting plans in the works to develop smart contract applications on the Ethereum platform as well as a proof-of-stake (POS) mining process that will make Ethereum more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Nate OFarrell

Nano Currency: Third-Generation Cryptocurrencies Are Upon Us

by Nate OFarrell

This article introduces Nano (recently rebranded from RaiBlocks), a third-generation cryptocurrency that appears to make up for Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s shortcomings with zero fees, instant transactions, and infinite scalability. He opines that Nano is one of a few third-generation cryptocurrencies that “can offer the technology and functionality needed to facilitate mass adoption and real-world use as an effective currency.”

James Mitchell

“All In” with Public Cloud for 2018

by James Mitchell

There has been a flurry of attraction in the past year in securing public cloud service providers. Further validating this trend, the author predicts that “the trend across the globe will be to go ‘all in’ on just a handful of hyperscale public cloud providers.” He further asserts that “this concentration of risk will become a focus of attention for those charged with mitigating ‘black swan’ risks to the global economy.”

Steve Andriole

5 Accelerating Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

by Steve Andriole

Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole describes five accelerating trends to watch for in 2018 and predicts which ones will carry the most momentum, using a concrete score on a 1-5 scale. Andriole goes on to recommend paying very close attention to the companies providing the services you deeply depend on, as he warns of upcoming volatility in the technology industry itself.

Figure 1 — Echelon Insight Cognitive Vision System.

AI, Analytics, and Machine Learning at the Edge of the IoT

by Curt Hall

One trend that will impact Internet of Things (IoT) development in 2018 is a significant growth in edge computing.