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artificial intelligence
Executive Update

Can AI Improve Agile Team Performance?

by Jon Ward

This Executive Update asks whether teams can use AI to increase the performance of Agile teams. Data collection, analysis, prediction, and reporting tend to make up a large proportion of the AI capabilities used in the project and portfolio management disciplines. Most tools are not uniquely oriented toward Agile delivery; this Update will concentrate on the Agile dimension. (Not a client? For a limited time, you can download a complimentary copy of this article here.)


3 Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

by Prerna Lal

Many organizations are now focusing on a hybrid cloud strategy: moving part of their IT capabilities to the cloud, while maintaining core elements in-house, hosted on-premises. The hybrid model is becoming immensely customary among orga­nizations, as it enables them to optimally allocate their resources while keeping their current IT infrastructure operating at low risk. A hybrid cloud strategy not only prepares an organization for the future but also protects its investment today. In this Advisor, we explore the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy.


RPA: What You Need to Know to Ramp Up Your Virtual Workforce

by Patrick Haibach

In this on-demand webinar with Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Dr. Patrick Haibach, you’ll find out how RPA is augmenting the workforce in a variety of companies. You’ll learn the ways organizations are using the bot-technology. And you’ll discover what the next era of automation will look like.


Strategy Plans for Customer Experience Management

by Curt Hall

One important indicator of just how far along in the adoption cycle a new technology (or practice) is depends on whether organizations have developed detailed plans or roadmaps for its adoption and dissemination across the organization. In this Advisor, we share some preliminary results from our ongoing customer experience (CX) management survey that offer some insight into current and future trends pertaining to the establishment of enterprise CX strategy plans.


Blockchain Opportunities

by Thomas Costello, by Phil Laplante

Blockchain (in its current and future iterations) will certainly impact various industries and governmental applications. But we will likely derive additional oppor­tunity and value from the convergence of block­chain with other emerging technologies. Data currently created and available from IoT devices, for instance, may very well benefit from some variant of blockchain. Capturing informa­tion from trusted devices and storing it in a distributed model accessible for monitoring and real-time analysis for use by AI packages could dramatically alter the speed and quality of delivery of services and/or reaction.

AI and ML
Executive Update

AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise, Part XIII: Hype and Potential for Social and Economic Disruption

by Curt Hall

Here in Part XIII, the final Executive Update in Senior Consultant Curt Hall's series on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the enterprise, we focus on findings surrounding the hype around AI and the potential for the technology to lead to social and economic disruption.


Are Organizations Realizing Benefits from Their CX Practices?

by Curt Hall

For most organizations implementing customer experience (CX) management practices, it is still too early to tell if their efforts are actually paying off. This finding comes from the preliminary results of Cutter's ongoing CX management survey. This Advisor explores this finding and others and discusses why organizations are still waiting to realize measurable benefits from their initiatives.

Executive Update

AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise, Part XII: The Most Viable Cases

by Curt Hall

Here in Part XII of this ongoing series on artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise, we examine findings pertaining to the use cases that organizations in our study viewed as most viable for applying AI.