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Blockchain in Energy and Utilities: Definitions, Use Cases, Standards, and Frameworks

by Claudio Lima

Claudio Lima explains how blockchain technology can be used to digitize and foster growth in the energy sector. DLT has the potential to optimize energy management processes and to deal with the growing complexity in the decentralized energy system. Lima introduces the IEEE P2418.5 Standard for Blockchain in Energy, which creates an industry framework that will help with interoperability among different blockchain use cases and technologies. A DLT layer complements existing smart grid architectures, improves grid security and efficiency, and reduces the costs of utility operation.

smart city

Blockchain in Smart City Administration: A Look at OrgBook

by Magesh Kasthuri

Magesh Kasthuri discusses how city administration can use blockchain. He provides various insights into decentralized architecture, including its technology benefits and security implementation. The article highlights a need for self-healing and auto-scaling services within a smart city architecture, which can be achieved by a blockchain network based on HyperLedger Fabric in a cloud environment. Blockchain can make cities more efficient and more resilient and adds greater transparency and security to a city’s digital processes. Applying DLT technologies in smart cities is an opportunity to reshape many aspects of how cities are organized and managed in order to better serve their citizens.


Blockchain Regulatory Sandboxes

by Patryk Walaszczyk

Patryk Walaszczyk discusses regulators’ role in blockchain adoption. He evaluates different approaches to regulatory sandboxes and questions their value in driving innovation and blockchain technology adoption. The author provides information about the scope and objectives of some blockchain sandboxes as well as their outcomes so far. It is to be hoped that current government efforts will accelerate blockchain adoption and that new business models across industries will emerge.


Beyond Cryptocurrency: There’s More to Blockchain

by Pavankumar Mulgund, by Ankit Sharma, by Adarsh Srivastava, by Lavlin Agrawal

This article examines the technical feasibility of DLT to handle enterprise requirements and demands. The authors investigate the strategic value that blockchain technologies bring to the table, examine potential use cases in various business domains, and discuss the challenges involved in the realization of these use cases. They explore how the nature of certain businesses makes them better suited for blockchain technology and discuss the best practices involved in developing blockchain-based applications.


Blockchain: New Industry Trends, Developments, Use Cases — Opening Statement

by Karolina Marzantowicz

This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal (CBTJ) continues the conversation we began in our last CBTJ and focuses on blockchain technology adoption beyond cryptocurrencies and financial services. The authors explore areas such as energy and utilities and government and present real examples of successful DLT implementations. They share their practical experiences in overcoming and addressing some of the known issues with blockchain projects.

Data Analytics & Digital Technologies

The Rise of the Customer-Centric Business Model

by Curt Hall

Today we are seeing a growing interest in the customer-centric business model among organizations that have come to see such models as a practical way to support a standard customer experience across all their various channels and brands.

Karen Coburn

Top Intriguing Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Articles for 2019

by Karen Coburn

As has been our tradition for the last several years, we’ve compiled the five most intriguing articles published by the Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practice this year for today’s Advisor. How did we come up with this list? We chose the articles that garnered the most feedback from Cutter Members and clients and those that created controversy among Cutter Senior Consultants and Fellows.


Blockchain: Here to Stay? — Opening Statement

by Karolina Marzantowicz

In this Cutter Business Technology Journal (CBTJ), we take a broad look at the opportunities and disruptions that blockchain creates. Our authors explore reasons why blockchain application is still slow regardless of overall interest in the technology. Enterprises are still struggling to find a blockchain that fits their needs, especially from a scaling perspective. A key observation from these articles is that regulation and compliance can help drive blockchain technology adoption. Blockchain (and related use cases such as cryptocurrency and digital assets) is currently subject to very limited regulation. In this issue, the authors provide researchers and practitioners with an overall view of the current state of blockchain adoption and what industry participants perceive as its challenges. They present real-world examples of DLT implementations and demonstrate how this new technology can deliver new value.