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Open Data Starts with a Data Strategy: First Define the Baselines

by Yves Vanderbeken, by Tim Huygh, by Anant Joshi, by Steven De Haes

Much effort has gone into convincing various organizations within a government to start producing open data. However, the outcomes of such efforts have merely created a disparate landscape of a few leading — some following, some nonengaging — organizations. Hence, we cannot ignore the importance of the cultural and change management dimension when setting up an open data program.

Executive Update

The Road to Data Democratization

by Vince Kellen

In this Executive Update, we explore why organizations need data democratization and how they can achieve it.


Riding the Next Wave of Cloud Computing — Opening Statement

by Cutter Team

We hope the insight provided in this issue gives you an enlightened perspective on the current and future cloud computing market and the guidance required to make well-informed decisions on the strategies and technologies that will provide your organization a competitive edge.


Cloud Lessons Learned

by Claude Baudoin

This article tries to take a very pragmatic viewpoint about cloud computing: what are the things we have learned? What do most reasonable analysts and users now agree on, as opposed to questions to which the jury is still out? What should you spend time worrying about, and what should you consider settled, for good or for bad? Finally, with various lessons learned, what should you educate your managers or clients about, so they don’t waste their time or yours?


The Product Is Dead. Long Live the Service!

by Lukasz Paciorkowski

A truly successful digitization project will change a company to its core. Thus, product-to-service transformation is probably the best example of the pervasiveness of digital technologies.


Journey to a Wholesale Cloud Computing Market

by Priya Sinha, by James Mitchell, by Jonathan Smith, by David Wallom

In this article, we draw attention to the benefits of including a mechanism for the wholesale trading of contracts in delivering cloud services to mirror that of delivering electricity. Plus, we argue that it is possible for the cloud market to avoid the plethora of mistakes experienced in the many deregulated wholesale electricity markets globally. We also detail features from certain electricity markets that have led to attractive market attributes, such as increased competition, price transparency, and increased resilience to external shocks. Moreover, we leverage the analogy to explain how we can replicate such features for a global IaaS cloud computing market.


Managing the Customer Experience

by Curt Hall

Customer expectations have never been higher, and they are forcing companies across almost every industry to rethink their approaches to commerce, marketing, sales, and, in particular, customer engagement, service, and support. The result is that companies are taking a great deal of interest in all things related to the experience customers encounter when dealing with their businesses.

Executive Update

AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise, Part VII: Even More Industry Disruption

by Curt Hall

Here, in Part VII, we continue examining industries and domains where organizations see AI having its most significant impact.