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Data Architecture – Containing the Lakehouse

Data Architecture — Containing the Lakehouse

by Barry Devlin

The early emergence of a new, potentially viral term — a “lakehouse” — suggests another wave of fuzzy thinking is about to infect the data architecture space.


2020 Trends and Predictions — Opening Statement

by Cutter Team

With all that is new and changing before our eyes, we asked the Cutter Consortium team of experts to weigh in on the technologies, strategies, and business models that will have the most relevance this year and beyond.

Business Design Identifies and Points to the Data

Business Design Identifies and Points to the Data

by Whynde Kuehn, by Mike Clark

With a systematic way to assess, design, measure, implement, and effec­tively manage data, leaders increase the chances of maximizing the true potential of AI/ML, while meeting the needs of regulators.


Trends Shaping Drone Adoption for 2020 and Beyond

by Helen Pukszta

Helen Pukszta brings us up to speed on the trends shaping drone usage. She foresees more enactment of regulations and new opportunities for business users of drones as well as for drone technology providers. According to Pukszta, “Regulatory changes, new drone technology, and continuing business adoption will make 2020 an exciting year for all drone users, but many sweeping changes, opportunities, and automation benefits of drones are still ahead of us.” How might your organization benefit from drones?

Curt Hall
Executive Update

CX Management in the Enterprise, Part VIII: Most Viable Cases

by Curt Hall

This Executive Update series examines the extent that organizations are using or planning to use CX practices and technologies, the status of implementing CX management, the establishment of dedicated enterprise CX groups, and the reason such groups oversee CX initiatives. Here in Part VIII, we examine survey findings about the use cases and domains organizations see as most viable for applying CX.

Transformer-Based Models for Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition

Hear My Words: Transformer-Based Models for NLP and Speech Recognition

by Curt Hall

Transformer-based natural language processing (NLP) models have serious implications for the entire field of NLP — from speech recognition systems to natural language generation (NLG), natural language understanding (NLU), machine translation, and text analysis applications. Consequently, tools for developing transformer-based models have become popular among researchers and developers implementing NLP applications.


AI and Natural Language 2020: New Regulations and New Developments

by Curt Hall

Curt Hall predicts an increase in enterprise adoption of AI and, echoing Andriole’s sentiments, emphasizes “calls for new regulations to help guide and ensure the fair use of the technology.” He also anticipates a demand for greater transparency, fairness, and “explainability” in AI applications and products from developers and end-user organizations.


Autonomous Systems Are Rising; Seize the Opportunities!

by San Murugesan

Autonomous systems are on the rise and, according to Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant San Murugesan, will “transform many different sectors in unimaginable ways.” He describes how technologies such as IoT, drones, robotics, ML, AI, and nano, among others, will extend the capabilities of autonomous systems. Current applications of autonomous systems technol­ogy draw attention to the adoption challenges.