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Drones: Enterprise Mission Ready

by Helen Pukszta

Helen Pukszta outlines several potential enterprise applications of drones in different industry sectors with illustrative real-world examples. She briefly highlights how Part 107 of Chapter 14 of the US Code of Federal Regulations redefines commercial drone use and the risks drones pose. She also discusses the challenges and limitations of today’s drones and how those concerns are being addressed. The barriers to employing drones for business are quickly melting away, and it’s time to pursue the opportunities that drones present, she advises.


Living at the Frontiers of Automation

by Paul Clermont

Paul Clermont discusses the adoption and impact of AI for automation. After a brief history of AI, Clermont discusses the dangers AI poses. Though technologists have perceived the dangers for some time, he notes that only now are the dangers starting to draw the attention of ordinary citizens and politicians. On a positive note, he outlines the measures that government, the tech industry, regulatory agencies, and the public are taking to address major dangers that AI and its applications present. He emphasizes government’s role in tackling the issues surrounding the use of AI and identifies a few specific areas that government should address.


Blockchain for Automation: Assessing and Seizing the Opportunity

by Thomas Costello, by Phil Laplante

Thomas Costello and Phil Laplante focus on the use of blockchain technology in automation appli­­­cations. Following a brief outline of the benefits of using blockchain technology, they discuss blockchain’s potential to provide transformational improvements in business process automation (BPA) in several industry sectors. They also highlight how blockchain could improve trust in, and the dependability of, BPA and examine the challenges in practical implementation of blockchain technology. Furthermore, they present a set of customizable questions to help implementers decide whether a business process is suitable for, and can benefit from, a blockchain implementation.


The Next Frontier in Automation: Opportunities, Challenges, and Impact — Opening Statement

by San Murugesan

We feature eight articles in this issue that cover a range of topics of interest — from technologies that drive and support new frontiers in automation, such as blockchain, AI, and security, to automation strategies and design considerations.

How Banks Are Leveraging "Know Your Customer": 2 Case Studies

by Shivani Raghav, by Jari Koivisto, by Frank Michaud

“Know your customer” (KYC), a key process for banks today, remains, in most cases, a very costly and long process. Most challenges lie in the efficiency of verifying customer-provided information. With digitally verified claims, verification can be improved, accelerated, and replicated on a large scale. KYC and digitally verified claims open new business opportunities for banks to act as validators for other organizations. This Advisor explores two case studies of KYC implementation.

Executive Update

AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise, Part XI: Success of AI Application Development Efforts

by Curt Hall

Here in Part XI of this Executive Update series, we look at how responding organizations view the success of their AI application development efforts to date, including whether they are deriving any benefits from their deployed AI applications and whether such applications are, in fact, actually changing how their organizations operate. 


What’s Hindering Organizations’ CX Management Initiatives?

by Curt Hall

To meet increasingly elevated customer expectations, organizations are implementing detailed strategies for distributing and standardizing customer experience (CX) practices and technologies across their various lines of business. In this Advisor, we explore the five most significant challenges organizations face in implementing CX strategies and supporting technologies.


Today's CDO Does a Different Sort of Data Wrangling

by Michael Atkin

Today’s chief data officer not only needs to rethink the relationship between data producer and data consumer but must become intimately familiar with the new requirements for predictive modeling (to unravel scenarios and identify patterns), advanced query (to follow an idea into discovery), and data visualization (to understand interconnections) — the big three for data analytics.