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Leadership and teaming skills are front and center in times of rapid change. Meet today’s constant disruption head on with expert guidance in leadership, business strategy, transformation, and innovation. Whether the disruption du jour is a digitally-driven upending of traditional business models, the pandemic-driven end to business as usual, or the change-driven challenge of staffing that meets your transformation plans—you’ll be prepared with cutting edge techniques and expert knowledge that enable strategic leadership.

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DEI problems are created by offensive and archaic attitudes that persist in the workplace. As explored in this Advisor, organizations can advance DEI by removing their institutional structural barriers and by using inclusive language to help create an equitable workplace.
As work and teams strive to be more agile, team diversity boosts resilience by allowing the team to adapt to new missions and changing situations more easily.
This edition of The Cutter Edge explores why and how to make employee resilience a priority, the "four horsemen" of not-so-strategic HR, and more!
Neural networks and other ML model development typically use large amounts of data for training and testing purposes. Because much of this data is historical, there is the risk that the AI models could learn existing prejudices pertaining to gender, race, age, sexual orientation, and other biases. This Advisor explores how the Data & Trust Alliance consortium created an initiative to help end-user organizations evaluate vendors offering AI-based solutions according to their ability to detect, mitigate, and monitor algorithmic bias over the lifecycle of their products.
Learn how a logistical mindset transforms project think­ing from focusing on avoiding failure to concentrating on achieving success.
This Executive Update seeks to illuminate two concepts that are extremely important but are at risk of becoming mere buzzwords: “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) and “Agile teams.” Most teams do not have an accurate understanding of these terms. And while the majority promote their workplace as embracing DEI and Agile methodologies, they often do not “walk the talk.”
We encounter AI in our daily lives with services such as Netflix and Amazon using AI and predictive technology to analyze billions of records to suggest films, books, and other items we might like based on our previous reactions and choices and those of others like us. But the potential of AI goes far beyond entertainment and shopping services.
Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Helen Pukszta explores the use of drones for sustainability. From the critical application of precision agriculture to whimsical light shows, drones not only provide new functionality, they do so with a low carbon footprint. In precision agriculture, we see again that the data collection capability of drones coupled with sophisticated optimization algorithms can help farmers use natural resources more efficiently. In an unusual application that most would not think of, Pukszta goes on to illuminate the unintended environmental consequences of fireworks and the benefits of using drones for light shows.