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Technology is at the heart of nearly every enterprise, enabling new business models and strategies, and serving as the catalyst to industry convergence. Leveraging the right technology can improve business outcomes, providing intelligence and insights that help you make more informed and accurate decisions. From finding patterns in data through data science, to curating relevant insights with data analytics, to the predictive abilities and innumerable applications of AI, to solving challenging business problems with ML, NLP, and knowledge graphs, technology has brought decision-making to a more intelligent level. Keep pace with the technology trends, opportunities, applications, and real-world use cases that will move your organization closer to its transformation and business goals.

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This issue of Amplify explores the trends, innovations, technologies, applications, opportunities, challenges, and novel research reshaping token-driven organizations. Understanding how digital tokens govern work and organizing in virtual organizations can unravel important questions for leaders and managers of traditional organizations.
This Advisor explains how security technology solutions can be used to address the continuing threat of cyberattacks.
October is “Cybersecurity Awareness Month.” To create better cybersecurity awareness, this Advisor series examines the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Here in Part I we explore why cybersecurity remains a perpetual concern and challenge and what we can do about it.
In Part I of this Advisor series on virtual reality (VR) in healthcare and medicine, we examine how companies are using VR technologies to develop applications for healthcare educational and training purposes.
Biases in AI models can crop up due to data bias, and biases in algorithms can result from a developer’s viewpoints. Natural intelligence (NI) provides a countermeasure to these biases, challenging the data and algorithm biases with its understanding of the context in which decisions are made.
AI art generators combine machine learning (ML) and natural language processing to generate images from natural language text prompts input by users. These tools offer exciting possibilities for novices and professionals to create incredible art for many uses. They also raise several issues for business and society as their use becomes more mainstream.
Companies can’t choose between growth and sustainability — they must have both. But what kind of technology-led business model transformations will ensure “sweet spots” between the pursuit of growth and sustainability?
Examples of deep fakes range from videos of politicians or celebrities saying or doing things they never actually said or did and so-called “revenge porn” to fake photos of soldiers appearing to commit atrocities they didn't commit. However, as we explore in this Advisor, this trend is changing: hackers now use deep fake techniques to target commercial enterprises and government agencies for nefarious purposes.