Enterprise Architecture Summit 2006 in London 7 March

Experts in developing and implementing world-class Enterprise Architectures to converge in London for a one-day Summit

Delegates to Cutter Consortium's Enterprise Architecture Summit conference will discover strategies and techniques to help their organisations shape EA to meet their needs, navigate the architecture maturity path more quickly and smoothly so it can streamline IT, implement more effective IT projects, and gain an advantage over those competitors that don't embrace, or continue to struggle with, enterprise architecture.

Keynote presentations by Mike Rosen, the director of Cutter's Enterprise Architecture Practice and an internationally known expert on EA, SOA, and MDA and by Cutter Senior Consultant Tom Welsh, former editor of Cutter's Web Services Strategies, are each followed by interactive panel debates discussing the merits of, and pitfalls experienced in implementing enterprise architecture and service-oriented architecture.

The informal setting of this intimate gathering provides both attendees a and speakers alike an opportunity to candidly discuss the challenges they face -- from technical concerns and strategies they're considering, to trends they're seeing in their own organization. The format encourages personal interaction and debate and provides an atmosphere that facilitates knowledge sharing and learning -- providing attendees with real-world advice they can put into action right away in their own organizations.

Details on the keynote addresses are below.

Trends and Techniques in Enterprise Architecture

Keynote by Mike Rosen -- Enterprise Architecture means different things to different organisations. Understanding the basic foundation of EA, and then using that to meet specific enterprise goals is the first step in achieving value from your EA program and delivering on the promised results. This presentation will describe current industry trends and best practices: SOA, governance, metrics, repositories, organisation, open source, Basel II, and how these relate to delivering EA value.

Following his keynote, Mike Rosen will be joined by Sandy Tyndale-Biscoe and Pierfranco Ferronato to debate whether these trends and techniques will have traction, what the implications of those trends may be, and will brainstorm along with conference delegates on other trends bubbling to the surface.

Service-Oriented Architecture in Action

Keynote by Tom Welsh -- It is clear that interest in SOA is high. Many SOAs have already been deployed and are in everyday use. How significant this is, of course, depends on exactly what we mean by an SOA. Does it have to be based on Web services using SOAP? Or can it be implemented with other types of middleware or even transaction processing monitors? In this presentation, Tom Welsh explores these issues to get to the core value proposition: What are the defining characteristics of an SOA, what are the perceived strengths and weaknesses of SOA? From a practical point of view, what could go wrong, and what pitfalls do we have to be particularly careful to avoid?

Following Tom's presentation, Oliver Sims and Bryan Wood will join him in a discussion of the characteristics, platforms and challenges of implementing and using the architecture.

For more information on Enterprise Architecture Summit 2006, or to register for a press pass, contact Ron Pulicari (+1 781 641 5114) or e-mail at press@cutter.com.

Cutter Consortium's Enterprise Architecture Summit 2006
7 March 2006
The Millennium Conference Center
Harrington Gardens
London, SW7 4LH

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