Press Release: Stat of the Week: Deployment of data analytics-enabling technologies

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To what extent is each of the following data analytics-enabling technologies deployed in your organization?

According to authors Tadhg Nagle and Dave Sammon, one of the most striking results of our Agile Data Analytics survey highlights "the ever-present dependence of organizations on spreadsheets as a data analytics tool, with just under 95% having varying degrees of spreadsheet deployment and 36% having near-to-full/widespread implementation." This indicates that "spreadsheets are significantly overutilized in comparison to newer and more error-resilient technologies. This won't come as much of a surprise to most, and while it highlights a definite need for enterprise data solutions, it also indicates a significant gap between the data products trending in industry discourse and the reality of how comfortable organizations are with these products. This is an interesting challenge, and although organizations must carry the bulk of the responsibility of overcoming it, vendors need to play their part as well."

* Excerpted from "Fast and Flexible: Exploring Agile Data Analytics," (Login Required) Cutter Benchmark Review, Vol. 13 No. 2

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