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Train Your Team Right in their Own Seats

Improve business management and IT/technology skills with short, interactive Virtual Training courses on a wide range of topics. From technical skills courses to management topics such as innovation, leadership, enterprise risk management, and leveraging data analytics for better business outcomes, every virtual training class is customized and delivered by one of Cutter’s expert Senior Consultants to meet your organization’s specific needs. Contact us to customize a Virtual Training curriculum for your organization. See sample Cutter Virtual Training offerings by selecting one or any of the practice areas below.

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Creating and Governing Communities of Practice

Claude Baudoin

Learn what communities are – and are not – compared to the traditional manner in which organizations work, and come to understand the steps to create useful communities, the leadership qualities required to make them work, and how communities should be governed and monitored.

Risk Management is Project Management for Adults

Tim Lister

For this curriculum, Cutter Fellow Tim Lister recommends participants form teams with others with whom they are co-located. Homework includes group assignments to promote collaboration and commitment, and are presented and discussed as part of the sessions.

The #1 Reason IT Projects Fail

Tim Lister

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

Customer Requirements Definition for Agile Teams

Tim Lister

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

Designing Secure Mobile Apps

Sebastian Hassinger

Explore the critical aspects involved in designing and building a mobile application. This curriculum is mainly geared toward the product owner and the business interests driving the effort to build the app, but will also cover the roles of designers, developers, and testers. 

Writing User Stories and Slicing Epics for DW/BI Teams (Virtual Training)

Lynn Winterboer

Learn about this important aspect of an agile approach to DW/BI, then determine if your team is ready to start writing user stories or is ready to take your practice to the next level.  

When DW/BI Teams Go Agile

Lynn Winterboer

This unique aspect of the BI value chain has, over the years, been a driver for BI teams behaving differently than their IT peers. This training will help your team think through its approach and find ways to adhere to the core values and principles of an Agile approach.

Problem Analysis Before Solution Analysis

John Heintz

Getting better at solving the right problems will reduce wasted time and money, help you focus on the right issues, and encourage a learning organization.

SCRUM Refresher

David Rooney

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

Implementing Product Flow Measures for Lean Software & DevOps (Virtual Training)

Murray Cantor

Gain a solid understanding of the principles and practices of specifying and instrumenting the flow measures that are essential for adapting Lean for DevOps.

Business Architecture

William Ulrich

This series of training sessions present a management perspective on strategy and planning concepts for business architecture that enable executives to justify and establish a robust business architecture program. 

Capability Mapping for Business Architecture

William Ulrich

This session provides an overview of capability mapping and discusses how capabilities serve to enable value mapping, align organizational planning, establish shared business vocabulary, and articulate initiative, analysis and automation focal points. 

Software Architecture

David Frankel

The overriding theme of the six sessions is agility – managing change. In an age where market demands and technologies change more rapidly than ever, competitive advantage increasingly flows to enterprises whose computing systems are able to react to change with agility. 

Neuromorphic Computing

Vince Kellen

Computing inspired by the design of brains is rapidly progressing. Very rapidly. This session is designed to help businesses begin thinking more deeply about it, while they still can.

Applying Enterprise Patterns

Roger Evernden

Learn how enterprise patterns are an established approach that can be used to describe and explain architectural change at all levels -- from IT transformation to product lifecycle management, from business capability architecture to real-time enterprise frameworks.

Techniques for Managing Complexity

Roger Evernden

Examine some techniques for requirements management and for managing stakeholders as requirements become more fluid and difficult to define and described. Explore techniques for managing the complexity inherent in contemporary architectures.

Architectural Frameworks

Roger Evernden

Architects need to reframe frameworks so that they become a constant guide, used to direct and manage everything they do. This session describes the the top frameworks used in pretty much every EA project and explores how they can be reconstructed to form practical tools that architects can use on daily to make work easier and more effective. 

Tackling Architecture Debt

Roger Evernden

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

Business Case Creation and Analysis

Lou Mazzucchelli

This series of training presents strategies and insights for creating business models and business cases. The major components of business models and business cases are identified, and qualitative tools are presented for use in their analysis. 

Leveraging Enterprise Risk Management to Enable Competitive Risk Taking

Robert Charette

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

The Art of Giving Effective Negative Feedback

Sheila Cox

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

Honing Your Situational Leadership Skills

Sheila Cox

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

Orchestrating Successful Organizational Change

Sheila Cox

For your project to be accepted upon rollout, you need group buy-in early in the process. Gain the insight, perspective, and tools you require to help users deal with the human side of IT-driven change.

Building a Culture of Accountability

Sheila Cox

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.

Constructive Workplace Conflict

Sheila Cox

Contact us to customize this curriculum for your organization.