Stat of the week: How Important is the Internet of Things?

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April 21, 2015 — Arlington, Massachusetts
Figure 1 -- How does your organization view the IoT, and connected products in general, in terms of importance?


Our research shows that roughly half of organizations attach some importance to the Internet of Things (IoT), while it hasn't yet crossed the radar screen of slightly fewer (42%) respondents.

Curt Hall isn't surprised by these findings. "The IoT encompasses many new concepts that require a number of technologies and practices that most mainstream organizations (i.e., those outside the engineering and scientific realms) have little experience with, including designing, implementing, and managing connected applications; sensor data storage and analysis; and machine learning."

Hall continues, "There are myriad other issues that need to be worked out before it is more practical for mainstream businesses to implement connected products and services. This includes ensuring corporate network/systems security and customer privacy as well as the development of standard communications protocols and frameworks to allow different vendors' connected products to communicate with each other. And, finally, many organizations simply are unsure at this time as to how to go about gaining business benefit from developing connected products and services."

"As we move through 2015 and beyond," Curt concludes, "a lot of the concern surrounding IoT applications and services is going to begin to diminish, with organizations really looking to take advantage of what the IoT has to offer for optimizing the efficiency of existing products and services as well as opening up new lines of revenue and entirely new businesses."

* Excerpted from "Enterprise Mobility: Part IV -- The Internet of Things," (Login Required) Data Insight & Social BI Executive Update, Vol. 15, No. 5