Stat of the week: Security is Top Obstacle to Corporate Mobile Initiatives

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February 24, 2015 — Arlington, Massachusetts
Figure 1 -- Which obstacles or issues most negatively affect your organization's mobility adoption/implementation efforts?


Corporate data breaches seem to be almost continuously in the news, making it unsurprising that security is top-of-mind for organizations implementing mobility initiatives.

According to Curt Hall, "when it comes to mobile devices and apps, organizations are exceedingly worried about possible unauthorized access to corporate systems, data loss or theft, the possible injection of malware into networks, and lost or stolen devices providing a possible entryway for malicious activities."

"Even though the mobile device, platform, and enterprise systems vendors are continually enhancing the security features of their respective offerings," he continues, "security will remain the number one concern with mobility initiatives for the foreseeable future. The other issues can basically be boiled down to a general lack of experience with mobile development tools and techniques, which will require organizations to hire experienced developers (driving up demand for such employees and costs) and/or utilize outside consultancies as well as cloud-based mobile platforms and service providers to assist them with their mobile development and management requirements."

* Excerpted from "Enterprise Mobility: Part III -- Mobile Application Development Trends and Barriers," (Login Required) Data Insight & Social BI Executive Update, Vol. 15, No. 4