Change how your architects think, how they design, and how they perform.

The work and digital challenges facing your architects have not diminished since the COVID-19 crisis forced teams to work from home. Now, more than ever, your architects need inspiration, new competencies, and added expertise.

This is where Cutter Consortium can help. Mike Rosen, Cutter Senior Consultant and respected EA thought leader, can offer an infusion of expert guidance and best practices that will help your business and enterprise architects improve their skills, find their direction, and remove roadblocks to their individual and collective success.

Through a series of one-hour video conferences delivered over a number of weeks, Mike Rosen will help the architects in your organization tackle EA issues and skills they wish to improve upon. During the first session of this engagement, they will lay out the basic principles and a plan of action, then assign some specific 'homework.' In the second session they'll review their progress to date, make adjustments, and tackle additional 'homework'. In a third session, they will again review what was done, and then begin a new issue or skill.

Specific areas of mentoring are:

  • Designing EA operating models
  • Creating architecture/stakeholder interaction models
  • Architecture development
  • Design of architectural deliverables (artifacts)
  • Value measurement and metrics
  • Architecture value proposition and communications
  • Integrating architecture into Agile and DevOps

Although Mike will incorporate the improvement of individual skills into all activities, he can also help your architects focus on specific skills that you request.

Some of these skills could include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Systems thinking
  • Abstraction
  • Conceptualization
  • Formal specification
  • Visualization
  • Pattern development
  • Stakeholder management

What's Next?

To learn more about enlisting Mike Rosen to inspire, encourage, and challenge your architects to improve their EA skills, complete the form below, or send email to, or call us at +1 781 648 8700.