Business Architecture Immersion

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Become business architecture savvy with guidance from Cutter's experts.

Business architecture has reached a level of maturity in a timeframe unprecedented for most disciplines. The industry has seen the emergence of a commonly accepted business ecosystem, business architecture framework, body of knowledge, industry certification program, training course accreditation and industry case studies. Yet businesses continue to struggle with executive sponsorship, practice setup, acceptance and utilization, and building out a business architecture baseline.

Cutter's Business Architecture Immersion workshop, led by Cutter Fellow William Ulrich and Cutter Senior Consultant Whynde Kuehn, provides your organization with a consistent, industry-proven approach to a comprehensive business architecture. You'll gain an overview of foundational concepts, the business architecture framework, value proposition, governance, blueprint creation, interdisciplinary alignment and practice setup. This workshop benefits practitioners and managers, ranging from novices to experts. At the end of this workshop, you and your team will be positioned to take on a wide range of business architecture tasks and challenges.

What you will learn:

  1. Business Architecture: Fundamental Concepts
  2. Business Architecture Value Proposition
  3. Breaking Down the Business Ecosystem
  4. Establishing a Baseline: Capability, Value, Information & Organization Mapping
  5. Extending the Baseline: Strategy through Initiative Mapping
  6. Inter-disciplinary Alignment with Related Business Disciplines
  7. Business Architecture & IT Architecture Alignment
  8. Business Architecture Situation & Scenario Analysis
  9. Business Architecture Role Definition, Governance & Sponsorship
  10. Business Architecture Infrastructure & Tooling
  11. Getting Started: Growing Your Skills & Growing Your Practice

About Cutter's Business & Enterprise Architecture Team

Cutter's B&EA team members have been Chief Architects, Business Architects, CTOs, and CIOs; they've developed acclaimed methodologies and they've been leaders of standards and specification groups. It's these seasoned professionals who deliver the experience-based consulting and training and research that helps organizations worldwide establish architectural approaches that address alignment, redundancy, and complexity issues to maximize the business value of IT.

William Ulrich

William Ulrich


Whynde Kuehn

Whynde Kuehn

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