Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp

Business Models for Value Creation Are Evolving Quickly ... Can You Keep Pace? Dig In at this Bootcamp and You Will.

Transform Your Business to Compete in the Hub Economy

The entire economy is being digitized. Business models for creating value are shifting. New business strategies are emerging. Networks and data are becoming the organizing principles of  the “hub economy.” Ongoing digital  innovation is an imperative. In this winner-take-all world, where a small number of “hub firms,” such as Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, dominate, traditional businesses — like yours — are experiencing anxiety amidst the rapid changes. 

Get Expert Guidance and Feedback on your Strategy

Discover how to transform to be competitive and begin your transformation journey at Cutter Consortium’s Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp. Contact us for the location and date of the next Bootcamp.

Cutter Consortium’s Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp is designed to get your team thinking analytically and strategically about how its industry is changing. You’ll be immersed in the latest thinking on disruption that is driving innovation across sectors, taught by Cutter Fellow, Professor Karim Lakhani, who designed and delivers the Bootcamp and who is one of the leading thinkers in digital transformation globally. In just 2 days, you and your team will learn about:


Everyone wants to think that the changes to their industry will take longer than expected and that there will be latitude to retain the old business model. That optimism is unfounded. My advice — the faster you can recognize and accept the shift, and put a new model in place, the better. Incumbents have the advantage of IP, assets, cash flow, technical talent. But, often established firms can’t make the cognitive, strategic shifts required.

Prof. Karim Lakhani
Fellow Cutter Consortium




  • Emerging, new business models and why firms will fail if they don’t understand them
  • How operating models must change
  • Why prototyping new business strategies, versus new products, is so hard and how to succeed
  • Frameworks you need to make the shift to flourish in the hub economy
  • Why you must move data from the periphery of your organization to its heart
  • How to overcome the architectural impediments to change

Who Participates?

Your team of 3-5 participants (comprising business strategy and technology executives), together with a small number of teams from non-competing organizations, will be immersed in a study of the challenges and opportunities digital transformation presents.

What to Expect

Lessons Learned: Your team will spend an intense two days with a senior executives from the other enterprises, working through Harvard Business School cases to explore the latest and evolving thinking on digitally-driven disruption of traditional models for value creation and value capture, and emerging, new business and operating models. You’ll examine the keys to success as well as the obstacles that can lead to failure and even extinction.

Sprints: In sprints that are interspersed with the cases discussions, you’ll work with your colleagues to apply the lessons and frameworks learned. Each sprint is a building block for the strategy/product your team will develop to prototype/launch after the Bootcamp.

Feedback: Presenting your newly-developed strategy/product to Prof. Lakhani and the rest of the Bootcamp participants gives you the opportunity to stress test its viability. The insight from executives who are outside your industry and unaware of the cultural or political hurdles you face, will help you break away from the groupthink dynamics that may blind you to your plan’s flaws, vastly improving your likelihood of success.

You’ll emerge from the Bootcamp with new ideas and strategies, vetted by smart business leaders. Plus, you’ll get the context and frameworks you need to make the shift, and to be prepared to spearhead your firm’s efforts.

Face Digital Transformation Challenges Head On

Digital transformation isn’t about technology. If it were, the path forward would be simple. Instead, it’s about strategy, economics and internal change. Real-time ideation takes place — at breakneck speed — at the Cutter Consortium Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp. Your team will emerge with a concrete outcome — a prototype strategy/project that applies Prof. Lakhani’s framework for emerging business and operating models. Like past Bootcamp participants, you’ll be able to take your project forward, and make the strategic and cultural shifts that will enable your organization to thrive into the future.

The risks are high with any transformation effort. Time is scarce as upstart, nimble competitors challenge the old order. We welcome your participation. Discover how to register your team: call +1 781 +48 8700 or email