Apply new techniques, strategies and research for quickly gaining insight into the customer experience.

Why aren't people more grateful for the technology we build them? Software innovators often lack insight into the customer, leading to project and product failures.

The last several years have been a time of intense innovation around customer insights. Agilists have combined techniques from several disciplines, such as user experience (UX) design, software analytics, serious games, and even research techniques borrowed from anthropology and psychology. They have also expanded and honed elements of the Agile toolkit, such as using user story mapping to generate an initial backlog of user stories.

This workshop provides an introduction to all of these techniques. You'll learn how to build a strategy around these techniques, increasing the speed of collecting these insights, improving their reliability, and lowering the cost of acquiring them.

The agenda for this workshop includes the following:

  • Introduction
    • Why do we keep misunderstanding the customer?
    • Why are traditional approaches to requirements inadequate?
    • Why is the traditional idea of requirements inadequate?
  • Project definition
    • Playing serious games to define the minimum viable product
  • Backlog creation and prioritization
    • Building story maps that generate a backlog
  • Early feedback
    • Designing and visualizing the user experience
  • Technology adoption
    • Using analytics to understand customer behavior
  • Feedback loops
    • Adopting an experimental mindset
  • Customer insight strategy
    • Acquiring the skills
    • Selecting the technique to meet the challenge
    • Validating the results
    • What this means for roles, the team, and the organization
    • Demonstrating the value of this approach

Number of Days: 3


  • Product owners
  • Product managers
  • Business analysts
  • User experience designers
  • Developers


  • Learn the basics of these techniques, and get hands-on experience with them
  • Identify the techniques that will help you the most
  • Build a strategy for incorporating these techniques, then proving their value

About Lynn Winterboer

Lynn Winterboer is a Senior Consultant with Cutter's Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practices. With a proven background in a variety of data projects and Agile practices, Ms. Winterboer teaches and coaches BI/DW teams on how to effectively apply Agile principles and practices to their work. For 20 years, Ms. Winterboer has studied and applied Agile analytics, serving in numerous roles within the analytics BI/DW space. She understands the unique set of challenges faced by BI/DW teams that want to benefit from the incremental style of Agile development.

Lynn Winterboer
Lynn Winterboer

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