Understanding how innovation happens is critical, but it’s only the first step.

Paving the road to innovation requires your organization to be set up and develop its people to succeed. To do this, you need to understand:

  • Who to involve in the innovation process — internal people? customers? crowds? partner firms? a combination?
  • How to enhance innovation with deep customer and technology insights
  • What barriers to innovations exist
  • How to bring innovations to market
  • How to manage and nurture innovators; and more.

It’s only when your team understands the underlying factors that are impeding innovation that the stage is set for creating breakthrough innovations. Learning the strategies and tactics of the most innovative firms will give your organization the knowledge, and enable it to be the catalyst, needed to create real breakthrough innovations. That’s why Cutter Consortium experts Prof. Robert D. Austin and Rick Eagar have come together to offer the modular executive education program, How to be Successful with Breakthrough Innovation.

In the innovation economy, you won’t get it right the first time. You can’t. If you do, it won’t be good enough. ‘Get it right the first time’ is not the right principle. Try, instead, ‘Make it great before the deadline’ — or something like that.

Rob Austin, Fellow, Cutter Consortium

In our experience, it is practical downstream issues — rather than any lack of creativity, good ideas, or technical ingenuity — that tend to be the real barriers to effective breakthrough innovation.

Rick Eagar, Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortium


Flexible Curriculum

Choose one, several, or even all of the exec ed modules to design an affordable in-house program full of strategies, insight, and advice that you can put to work right away. Your team will learn how to:

  • Govern, organize, and manage breakthrough innovation in a large corporation
  • Balance efficiency and control with creativity
  • Leverage Agile approaches for innovation
  • Make the most out of collaborating with start-ups
  • Inculcate a truly innovative culture

The Modules

  • Organizing for Breakthrough Innovation
  • A Closer Look at How Innovation Really Happens
  • Collaboration on Innovation between Large Companies and Startups
  • Users, Customers, and Crowds: When and How to Include “Outsiders” in Innovation
  • Building Breakthrough Innovation Capabilities through Digital Technology
  • Creating the Conditions for Bringing Fledgling Innovations to Market
  • How to Make Agile Work in Non-IT Contexts to Achieve Innovative Outcomes
  • Managing & Cultivating Talented Innovators
  • Finding the Best Governance Approach for Innovation

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