Executive Report

10 Key Skills Architects Must Have to Deliver Value

Posted September 30, 2008 in Business & Enterprise Architecture

As the complexity of IT grows, more and more organizations are realizing the need for architecture. But the definition of what architecture is, the titles that architects have, and the role of an architect vary widely from one organization to another. Business, IT, management, and even architects don't necessarily know what a good architect does to add value in his or her organization. This Executive Report by Michael Rosen discusses the role of the architect and describes 10 activities that architects should perform to add value to projects.

It seems that nobody knows what an architect does. In this Executive Report, we look at this issue from two different angles. First, we look at common architectural titles and roles and describe what responsibilities we typically see associated with those roles across the industry. Then, we look at the skills that all architects have in common and describe 10 things that every architect can do to add value to his or her organization. (Not a client? Download your complimentary copy of this report here.)

About The Author
Mike Rosen
Mike Rosen is a Senior Consultant and former Director of Cutter Consortium’s Business & Enterprise Architecture practice and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He is an accomplished architect, analyst, and technical leader with extensive experience in digital transformation, enterprise architecture, business architecture, service-oriented architecture, product strategy and development, software architecture,… Read More
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