Mike Rosen


Mike Rosen is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He is an accomplished architect, analyst, and technical leader with extensive experience in digital transformation, enterprise architecture, business architecture, service-oriented architecture, product strategy and development, software architecture, consulting and mentoring, distributed technologies, and industry standards. Mr. Rosen has 40 years' technical leadership experience architecting, designing, and developing solutions, applications, and products. He served as CTO at startup AZORA Technologies and chief architect, product architect, technical leader, and developer for commercial middleware products from IONA, BEA, and Digital. Mr. Rosen’s consulting focuses on assisting CIOs, IT executives, and architects on creating the new Digital Business Platform, implementing and improving architecture programs, using architecture as a management tool for digital transformation and improved decision making, and architecture best practices. He has provided consulting, mentoring, and training to over 100 enterprises, in a dozen countries worldwide, in numerous industries. Mr. Rosen is a Certified Business Architect, Certified SAFe Agilist, and is certified in TOGAF as well as having extensive background in Zachman, DoDAF, and FEAF frameworks. He is founder and VP of the Business Architecture Guild and serves on the board of directors of the Business Architecture Guild and the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations. Mr. Rosen is a well-known international speaker, has authored over a hundred articles and reports, and is coauthor of the books: Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design StrategiesDeveloping E-Business Systems and Architectures: A Manager's Guide; and Integrating CORBA and COM Applications. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.