5G Will Power the Next Evolutionary Step for the IoT

Posted February 17, 2021 | Industry | Technology | Amplify
The emergence of the IoT has led to a need for different characteristics and technical capabilities in cellular networks, which have continued to develop and will, with the emergence of 5G, address the key needs of the IoT. And with more and more “things” connected, leading to significantly higher connection density, the risk of interference increases. This has been another historical challenge to the IoT that 5G will address. All this means that 5G will enable an entirely new range of applications.
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Agron Lasku
Agron Lasku is a Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Stockholm, Sweden and a Cutter Expert. He leads ADL's Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) practice in the Nordics. Mr. Lasku is a strategic advisor to clients globally on strategy, innovation, and transformation within a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, IT, transportation, media, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and the… Read More
Hariprasad Pichai
Hariprasad Pichai is a Principal at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Boston, and a member of ADL’s Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) practice. He helps clients achieve commercial success in the marketplace and transform themselves for the future. Work examples include: portfolio optimization and go-to-market support for a telecom operator, the commercial launch of broadband services for an incumbent, a… Read More
Rebecka Axelsson Wadman
Rebecka Axelsson Wadman is a Principal at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in San Francisco, and a member of ADL’s Strategy & Organization practice. She specializes in strategy and organization development with a focus on growth strategy (including M&A and transaction support), market entry, and business model innovation. Ms. Axelsson Wadman has deep industry expertise in healthcare and life sciences, telecom, as well as private equity and… Read More
Sean McDevitt
Sean McDevitt is a partner with Arthur D. Little (ADL), a member of ADL's Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) and Private Equity practices, and a Cutter Expert. He has extensive experience in the investment due diligence/M&A in the communications industry, broad wireless experience in market entry and spectrum auctions, and a broad range of expertise in cable/multiple-system operator/fiber business… Read More
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