Agile and UCD: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Posted September 30, 2007 | Leadership |

In a perfect world, companies adopting an agile software development process would implement the process Jonathan Addelston and Theresa O'Connell describe in their Cutter Executive Report "Usability and the Agile Project Management Process Framework" [1]. Usability engineering would be incorporated in every step of the process, from preplanning to postrelease.

About The Author
Carol Barnum
Carol Barnum is the Director and cofounder of the Usability Center at Southern Polytechnic State University, where she works with clients to discover the user experience for the client's software, Web applications, Web sites, e-learning applications, and training products. The Usability Center was originally funded as part of an IBM million-dollar total quality management grant. After that excellent startup, the Center has maintained currency… Read More
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