Agile Team Tips: Identifying the Product Owner

Posted October 25, 2018 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
Figure 1 — The "iron triangle."

One of the first questions I often hear when explaining Agile methods is, “Who is the product owner?” Answering this question is not so simple. There is a lot of context that you have to set in order to explain the role. When rushed, the short answer is “the person on the Agile team who calls the shots relative to development priorities by acting as the voice of the customer.” This is often followed up with “of course, you know that Agile teams are self-organizing and do not have a project manager?” Then, when greeted with frowns and surprised looks, you add, “instead, the teams elect their own spokesperson.” In this Advisor, we take a look at who the fills the role of product owner as well as their roles and responsibilities.

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Donald Reifer
Donald J. Reifer is recognized as one of the leading figures in the fields of software engineering and management, with more than 40 years of progressive management experience in both industry and government. He has built businesses, managed key programs, and led major R&D initiatives. Mr. Reifer is often called upon by clients to review troubled programs, examine red team proposals, and perform competitive assessments with an emphasis on… Read More
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