BI in the Transportation Industry

Posted May 31, 2010 | |

Business intelligence (BI) in the public sector transportation industry is a topic that is gaining prominence as available data becomes more voluminous. As cash in the bus farebox turns to smart cards, and coins in the tollbooth turn to transponder-based tolling, the data surrounding these transactions becomes more comprehensive and complex.

About The Author
Ralph Menzano
Ralph Menzano is CEO of ARKS GROUP LLC, established in 2021, where he helps people and businesses in a “sea of trouble.” His areas of focus include aviation, roadway, maritime, rail and bus organizations, and various other industries. Mr. Menzano’s past positions include Executive Director, Global Transportation Industry Solutions, Oracle Corporation; Transportation Domain Leader, KPMG; and VP/CIO at JPMorgan Chase Bank, General Motors, Saint… Read More
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