With Industry 4.0, there is constant change in everything from business models to technology platforms to hype and social trends. Keeping up, let alone getting ahead, requires experimentation and constant reinvention. To support that, organizations need a steady supply of engineers in an ever-growing field of products, protocols, and platforms — and there simply aren’t enough to keep up.

In his recent Cutter Business Technology Journal article, The Skills Crisis 4.0: Accepting New Realities, Barry M. O’Reilly writes:

... as companies move toward solving more of their critical everyday needs with advanced technology, almost all report suffering from a shortage of skills to handle wave after wave of new technologies.

In this on-demand webinar, Barry M. O'Reilly will discuss:

  • The cultural and sociotechnical aspects at play with Industry 4.0, why the skills needed to navigate them are so complex, and why they can’t be taught in a university computer science program.
  • The lessons learned from approaches to the “old” skills crisis, how they can be applied to fill the Industry 4.0 skills gap, and where they fall short.
  • Alternative solutions, such as rethinking the value older engineers and architects offer to technology organizations; and teaching critical thinking in order to allow for abandoning failing projects sooner and freeing up resources sooner.

The problems that businesses try to solve with Industry 4.0 become less about automating old processes and more about inventing a new world in which computing drives business rather than mirrors it. It’s both inevitable and predictable that this will bring a protracted and difficult skills shortage. 

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