Building the Agile Enterprise: Myths, Perceptions, and Reality

Posted March 31, 2008 | Leadership | Cutter Benchmark Review

As I write this article in the spring of 2008, the need for enterprise agility is once again a topic on the minds of executives everywhere. Stock market gyrations push prices down 3% one day, up 4% the next. Firms that months before had record profits struggle to stay alive.

About The Author
Alan MacCormack
Alan MacCormack is a Fellow with Cutter Consortium. Dr. MacCormack is an Associate Professor in the Technology & Operations Management Unit at the Harvard Business School, where his research examines the management of technology and innovation in high-technology industries, with a particular focus on the software industry. Dr. MacCormack's work explores the dynamics of product development in these industries as well as the mechanisms by… Read More
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