Change: What the Red Queen Told Alice

Posted August 19, 2010 | Leadership |

You may think it obvious to the point of being trite to say that change is "not an option" or "the only constant is change" [1]. Yet, with churn in the global economy catching businesses off guard, and a slurry of such books as Subject to Change, Change by Design, and A Sense of Urgency [2], there's also a sense that change is not only imperative but something we need to become good at. We need to be not only reactive, adapting to a changing world, but proactive -- changing the world, before it changes us. Why?

About The Author
Ruth Malan
Ruth Malan is a senior architecture consultant at Bredemeyer Consulting. She has published papers, chapters, and a book in the areas of object-oriented methods, reuse, and software architecture. She is principal editor of the acclaimed Resources for Software Architects website. Two of the most popular papers by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer are "Less Is More with Minimalist Architecture," published by IEEE's IT Professional in September/October… Read More
Dana Bredemeyer
Dana Bredemeyer is founder and president of Bredemeyer Consulting, a company that focuses on training and consulting in system architecture, including enterprise architecture and software architecture. He is also president of the Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation (GEAO). Mr. Bredemeyer has more than 20 years' experience in the software industry. For nearly 10 of those years, he has focused exclusively on architecture, first at Hewlett-… Read More
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