Critical Elements for Effective Workplace Inclusion

Posted November 4, 2020 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Cutter Business Technology Journal
Samin Saadat and Jim Brosseau take us into their workshops and their research. The authors provide meaningful context to describe the barriers to inclusion, such as the history of management and leadership, communication technologies, and the effects of addictive social media platforms. They offer practical steps for companies to include on their way to becoming a more transparent culture and also outline the costs companies will inevitably pay for failed attempts and a lack of inclusion.
About The Author
Samin Saadat
Samin Saadat is Executive Director and founder of Jalapeño Employee Engagement, where she leverages technology and professional human services to bring research findings to life to help companies save invaluable dollars and help individuals enhance their quality of life. The human brain, behavior, and people’s interactions with their environment never fail to intrigue her. After spending long hours in psychology labs at the University of British… Read More
Jim Brosseau
Jim Brosseau has been working with teams for almost three decades and is passionate about educating people about the role that relationships and interpersonal friction have on the success or failure of projects. Today, he leads a team of 12 facilitators delivering project management and leadership workshops that embody this philosophy of focusing primarily on team relationships to over 2,000 people each year. Mr. Brosseau has volunteered with… Read More
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