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The Cutter Edge: 2018 Tech Trends, Nano Currency, Digital Backbone, Strategic EA

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27 March 2018

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2018 Technology Trends: Say vs. Do Innovation

Explore four trends that impact the ability of a company to leverage emerging technologies and learn how to turn these potential trend risks into positive business outcomes! More.

Nano Currency: Third-Generation Cryptocurrencies Are Upon Us

Nano is making up for Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s shortcomings with zero fees, instant transactions, and infinite scalability. It's also one of a few cryptocurrencies that can facilitate mass adoption and real-world use as an effective currency. More.

Build a solid digital backbone to ensure digital transformation success.

Join our April 12 webinar and walk away with a framework that will help you build a powerful digital backbone that enables rapid innovation and responsiveness. Register now!

Connect EA to Strategy in 5 Steps!

Get a step-by-step guide that will ensure your EA program shifts from a tactical to a strategic role and delivers continuous business value to your organization. Order this report now and use code Connect30 to Save 30%!

How is Edge/Fog Computing Enabling Innovation and Business Agility?

An upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal seeks insight on the current uses of edge to cloud, or fog applications, case studies, and the industry/business implications. Send your article ideas or learn more now!

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