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The Cutter Edge: Accelerating Product Time-to-Market, Data Democratization Challenges, Industrial Agile Webinar

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29 January 2019

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Shortening the Idea-to-Launch Time Span for Industrial Products

Why does it take so long (years, even decades!) to get a new product out of the manufacturing plant? Learn how to drastically reduce that time to delivery by applying Agile principles to physical product development ... More.

Difficulties and Challenges of Data Democratization

Data democratization is about providing equal access to everyone — level­ing the playing field between parts of the organization so that all parties can get access to the data. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, it's not so straight-forward ... More.

Industrial Agile Webinar: Accelerating Physical Product Delivery

Join Hubert Smits and Peter Borsella on February 6 at 12 pm EST, and learn how to apply the core Industrial Agile Framework concepts to physical product delivery to enable continuous adaption throughout the value chain. Register now!

Explore the Forces Driving Financial Services Innovation

This latest Cutter Business Technology Journal explores the strategies, technologies, and opportunities driving the fintech revolution! For more information or to order this report (Save 20% with Code FIN20) — visit the Cutter Bookstore.

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