Peter Borsella

Peter Borsella is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. After many years of practical experience successfully delivering projects and creating effective teams, Peter became one of the earlier pioneers of agility, initiating groundbreaking practices that have become normal in the Agile world, such as scaling multiple teams, Agile contracts, distributed teams, and short iterations of delivery. He has traveled the globe helping thousands of people become more responsive in an ever-changing, complex product delivery environment. Mr. Borsella has partnered with Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Hubert Smits to create the Industrial Agile Framework™ and bring agility to industry, manufacturing, and physical products. He joins organizations as a team member, becoming part of the delivery effort, working side by side with those who are expected to change. Mr. Borsella maintains his Project Management Professional certification to stay connected with those under the traditional umbrella of project management but is also a Certified Scrum Trainer, encouraging others to join him under the Agile umbrella of product delivery. He cocreated of the Charter for Product Development. He can be reached at